New BETA Build

For all of you using the 1.3.1f release, it's time to update and test the new beta.

The new version posted (1.5), even though it is marked beta, is more stable than the previous release. The known crash bugs are fixed; it is due to the improvements in collision detection, rendering, thread communication, etc. that the build is beta.

About CedarLogic

CedarLogic began in fall 2005 as a senior design project at Cedarville University. Until that time, Diglog had been used at that institution as the digital logic simulation program for engineering courses. Since Diglog was very old, the university assigned a team to build a new graphic simulator with a modern, user-friendly interface. During that year, the first version of CedarLogic was built and then released on SourceForge. The following year, the program was extended by another senior design project to implement a Z80 microprocessor.

Currently, the program is multithreaded with a logic simulation engine and a user interface. The UI is built with wxWidgets; the logic gate library and user-designed circuits are saved in a tag markup language., Powered by Mambo and Designed by SiteGround web hosting